Part 3: Spiritual Direction and the Moral Life

Module 11 - The Moral Dimensions of Prayer
Module 12 - The Spiritual Journey
Module 13 - The Way of Virtue
Module 14 - The Gifts of the Spirit
Module 15 - Attending to the Virtues and Gifts in Spiritual Direction

After completing the videos and reading for this part of the course, click on any of the social media icons below and post a response to this prompt: What connections do you see between spiritual direction and the moral life that may be helpful to you in your work? (75-100 words or as appropriate to the medium)

"In his book Finding our Way to God: Spiritual Direction and the Moral Life, Fr. Dennis Billy, C.Ss.R., clearly outlines the necessary elements of spiritual direction, providing the best practical description of the process of spiritual direction that I have ever seen. May this treasure be read and used by many in their search for deeper intimacy with God." - Sister Marysia Weber, author of The Art of Accompaniment: Practical Steps for the Seminary Formator

"Participation in the course provided great benefits intellectually and spiritually that I can use in my ministry in religious education." - Patricia Topper, first student to complete the course