Part 4: Dialoguing with Other Traditions

Module 16 - An Open View of Spirituality
Module 17 - Natural Law and Interspirituality
Module 18 - Embracing One’s Tradition
Module 19 - A Suggested Template
Module 20 - Living in the Gap

After completing the videos and reading for this part of the course, click on any of the social media icons below and post a response to this prompt: What role does spiritual direction play within your religious, philosophical, or ethical tradition? (75-100 words or as appropriate to the medium)

"In his book Finding our Way to God: Spiritual Direction and the Moral Life, Fr. Dennis Billy, C.Ss.R., clearly outlines the necessary elements of spiritual direction, providing the best practical description of the process of spiritual direction that I have ever seen. May this treasure be read and used by many in their search for deeper intimacy with God." - Sister Marysia Weber, author of The Art of Accompaniment: Practical Steps for the Seminary Formator

"Participation in the course provided great benefits intellectually and spiritually that I can use in my ministry in religious education." - Patricia Topper, first student to complete the course